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The gun fires biscuits

Making your homemade cookies has never been so easy! Biscolt is a piece of kitchenware with an innovative and versatile design, intended to make cookies in fast and funny way. It is an Italian product, realized in non-toxic aluminum with transparent polycarbonate components and ABS, produced and patented under the most elevated qualitative standards. All Pertile products are entirely developed and realized in Italy, using the best technologies available in the marketplace and according to the higher qualitative standards of the sector. Thanks to safe and renewable materials and to a strongly distinctive and functional design, we can guarantee our product for 3 years from the purchase date.


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unleashes your creativity

Biscolt can shape your fantasy, thanks to its 14 dies in stainless steel designed to create original biscuits, which can be decorated or filled as you like. It is easy to use, you will not need bakery paper, and you can clean it just with hot water and a detergent, without using the dishwasher. In addition, it is customizable! You can choose among three floral models and three different colors, for 9 final combinations. Which better way to spend time with your own family than to have fun together in the kitchen?
“Family is where the heart always finds a home”. (Stephen Littleword)

forme biscotti

Biscolt combines the Italian design to an unrivaled ease of use! It is a new design accessory, planned and realized not only to create cookies, but also to give a touch of taste to your kitchen and your home without having to hide it.

Turn the flower by 180° and pull it up to lift the piston.
To insert the dough pull up the piston by turning it by 180° using the flower.
Thanks to the convenient lever on the top of the machine, you may control the pressure of the piston so the dough can come out through the die.
Upper ring
Unscrew and turn the ring anti clockwise to clean the Biscolt completely.
Cylinder made of a-toxic material (anodized aluminum alloy), designed to guarantee the best possible conditions for your dough.
Closing ring
Unblock and turn the ring to insert or remove the die, to clean the inside and to insert the dough.
Insert the die making sure the part with the relief is facing downwards. The die was designed to ease the cleaning of the cookie press.
Find out how to use it
First you need to unlock and rotate the ring that closes the cylinder at the base of the machine. Make sure the inner piston is raised, then rotate the flower 180 ° and pull it up.
Place a portion of the dough that you have previously prepared in the cylinder. Now choose the die you like to get the shape of your favorite cookie. Make sure that the pad surface is facing downwards.
Screw down the lower ring to close the cylinder by rotating the flower in the opposite direction and returning it to its original position.
Now the machine is ready. Just press the lever, lower it down until the dough you have prepared will not come out smoothly from the trays holes. Discard the first dough as even though the die is well-washed, it may have impurities inside the trap.
Simmer a baking tray, butter acts as a glue and allows the dough to break away from Biscolt. Place your cookies directly on the baking tray by lifting and pushing the lever down several times until you need to insert the other dough inside the machine. So repeat it all. When you have placed all your cookies on the baking tray for about 15-20 minutes. Once baked, you can decorate your biscuits however you like.
Handwash the machine.
Modern dishwashers can damage your Biscolt.
The warranty does not cover any damage resulting from poor handling or improper use of the product.
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    Biscolt is an innovative cookie made to create, thanks to its interchangeable trays, 14 kind of cookies quickly and easily! All you have to do is choose the cutter, put the dough inside Biscolt and push the lever! A child’s play, even your kids will have fun in total safety!

    forme biscotti
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